• Pressure Ranges
  • Accuracy
  • Total Error Band
  • Special Characteristics
  • Interfaces
  • Display
  • -1…3 to 0…700 bar
  • ±0,1 %FS
  • ±0,1 %FS @ 10…40 °C
  • Also available as OEM module
  • None
  • 5-digit LCD display
Product Description

digital manometers in the dV2 series from KELLER have versatile configuration options, with a max/min and zero function. The integrated microcontroller makes it possible to achieve [Genauigkeit|accuracies]] of up to 0,1 %FS. Larger unit quantities can also be programmed with tailored device functions in preparation for their subsequent use. The dV2 manometers are available with a range of housing designs and process connections, and can also be obtained as an OEM module.

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