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By people, for people

KELLER provides support and generates added value. With human and financial resources, we can make things happen that otherwise wouldn't be possible. KELLER makes sure that its projects in the areas of social involvement, culture, sport and sustainability have a regional focus.

Sports Sponsorship

KELLER promotes talent

KELLER is committed to supporting the regional sports scene – after all, sports bring joy and build character.

FC Winterthur

Since 2001, KELLER has been the sole owner and main sponsor of FC Winterthur. By supporting the team's up-and-coming players, KELLER plays an active role in promoting talent. The FCW junior team has a special significance, because the club has very high training standards and can therefore offer great opportunities and act as a career springboard.

LTC tennis club

Since 2019, KELLER has been supporting the first team at LTC Winterthur tennis club
a club with a rich history – as a local sponsor. The aim of the «advantage LTC» sponsor and benefactor association is to improve the quality of tennis amongst young up-and-coming players and those playing actively in the local region.

Education and Science


FabLab Winti is a publicly accessible digital production workshop, and is available to anyone interested in training courses and completing their own projects. KELLER is a big fan of «Do It Yourself», and hopes that its sponsorship of FabLabs will help to counteract the shortage of qualified personnel in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) professions.

Social Projects

Youth project

The youth project was established by KELLER in 2005 and gives young people the chance to gain a foothold in the apprenticeship and job market. As part of the project, eight internships are offered every year. The internships last for 12 months initially, but can be extended to 24 months.

For 60 % of their working hours, the interns work in the various production departments. The rest of the time, they attend lessons in German, Mathematics, PE, Electronics, Pressure Measurement Technology, Sensor Systems and General Studies. This gives the young people the opportunity to develop not just their manual skills but also their social competence.

Participants are supported in establishing an efficient approach to work, built on the pillars of reliability, perseverance, enthusiasm, resilience and responsibility. Since the youth project began, 80 % on average of the young people involved go on to find an apprenticeship or further work and study placement.

Crèche Möwe («The Seagull»)

Established in 2001, the Crèche Möwe («The Seagull») is a place where employees can leave their children during working hours. Places at the crèche are also offered to external children between the ages of 2 months and 5 years.

Every day, the ten-person Seagull Team does its very best to make sure that the children are happy. The crèche is on the company premises, meaning that new mothers can breastfeed during working hours – and if a child falls ill, their parents can be there right away.

Cultural Involvement

Committed to culture since the beginning

KELLER supports ideas and projects that serve to create a sense of identity. Culture is the expression of the spiritual and artistic wealth of a society and it deserves a voice.

Winterthur Music Festival Weeks

Through its sponsorship of the Winterthur Music Festival Weeks, a music festival held in Winterthur, KELLER is helping to ensure the survival of a local, cultural event that is unique in Switzerland. For 12 days of the year, this event gives visitors the opportunity to discover national and international bands and up-and-coming musical talent. It is the oldest regularly occurring open-air festival in Switzerland and attracts some 55'000 attendees each year. 


Afro-Pfingsten tiene una influencia duradera en la vida cultural de Winterthur y refuerza valores que también son importantes para KELLER. KELLER como patrocinador contribuye activamente a su subsistencia. Además de los mercadillos y talleres, la música de África, Latinoamérica y el Caribe es la oferta principal de este evento.


Actively combating energy wastage

The environment matters to KELLER. For this reason, its various departments are committed to sustainability in their day-to-day work.

  • Investments are made with the environment in mind. A closed-loop system ensures that the cooling water used in cell production is prepared using filter systems, allowing KELLER to save 655'000 litres of drinking water every year.
  • Surplus material is disposed of to professional standards in the adjacent recycling yard.
  • Supplies are procured from elsewhere in the region. For instance, glass seals and mechanical parts are bought in from the local area.
  • Although KELLER is an international company that places great importance on contact and dialogue with its customers and field offices, conference calls are held wherever possible and business trips are kept to a minimum.
  • The company encourages its staff to take part in campaigns such as «Bike to Work» and leave their own cars at home.

KELLER Pressure endeavours to minimise its environmental footprint and CO2 emissions, acknowledging the importance of giving its staff a safe and healthy place to work.

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