For people and the company

As a company, KELLER has made major contributions to the development of modern pressure measurement technology. The company is proud of all its achievements and with total dedication continues in its pursuit to make a decisive difference for both its customers and employees in the future. This goal is underpinned by our shared vision and core values.

Our Vision

Independence, development, opportunities and wisdom

Here at KELLER, we combine entrepreneurship and independence. By building this bridge, we can ensure the sustainable commercial success of our company while giving all our employees space for independent development in both professional and personal aspects. We are committed to ensuring the independence and freedom of our employees. The development opportunities that are created by this philosophy form the ideal foundation for innovative developments and sustainable decisions. All this is reflected in the breadth of our product knowledge and the refinement of our product range.

Since 1993, the seagull has been the visual emblem of KELLER. It represents the flourishing of new ideas and is a symbol of philosophy, freedom and the love of wisdom and truth. We are dedicated to shaping the future of pressure measurement technology for and with our customers.

Our values


We put our customers and their needs at the heart of what we do so that we can work with them to find effective solutions for their applications. Many of our sensors are customised products.

Continuous development

We believe in our technology and set new benchmarks in precision and potential applications. Piezoresistive pressure sensors find use in countless areas of application and achieve an accuracy of 0,01 % of the entire measuring range.

Personal responsibility

We encourage independent working. This leads to an inspiring working environment, sustainable solutions and sophisticated products.

Mutual support

We set great store by open communication, honesty and mutual support. We firmly believe that the pooled knowledge from all departments will propel us all forward. We are committed to a close partnership with our suppliers, distributors and customers.


We are willing to take a calculated risk if the conditions for it are right. Many of our most innovative and successful products were born out of challenging projects.


We are proud to be an independent Swiss family business. KELLER is not beholden to either banks or investors and all added value is generated in Switzerland.

The Guiding Principles of KELLER

Son – you're free if you don't have to suck up to anyone,
you're rich if you can tell them that,
and you're wise if you do not have to tell them anymore.

The motto of company founder Hannes W. Keller

Marketing means survival, ensuring survival. Nowadays, the biggest task of a healthy company is to ensure living space. If the basis of our livelihood collapses, the companies go down with it.

Hannes W. Keller

Quality is Intelligence.

Hannes W. Keller

I'm a socialist in my heart and a capitalist in my head.

Hannes W. Keller

Liebä nütz weder näbis lätz! (Better nothing at all than something wrong!)

An adage from Appenzell and a guiding principle of KELLER


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