Water and Environment

There are few industries as diverse as the water and environmental industry. Here, KELLER sensors can be found in all manner of applications. For instance, they are used to measure the sea depth, monitor the water pressure at the bottom of dams, calculate flow quantities and regulate water levels. Thanks to its many years of experience, KELLER can offer broad expertise in these areas.

CO2 Recycling
Pore-Water Pressure Monitoring in Ice-Rich Permafrost
Upcycling Sensors
Monitoring the Seabed – The Subtle Distinction
How to Measure the Pressure on our Eco-System
Tracking Devices for Marine Animals
Measuring Wave Impact Pressure
Cryoegg Glacier Research
Kololo’s Water System
Reducing Drinking Water Losses
Hydraulic Network Analysis
Fish Farm Water Level Monitoring
Pressure Sensors on Water Pipelines
Intelligent Sewage Overflow Measurement
Waste Water Level Monitoring
Continuous Level Measurement
Avoiding Pump Failures
Wireless Groundwater Monitoring System
Cone Penetration Testing
Water Consumption Monitoring
Water Monitoring in Open-Pit Mining
Lithium Brine Production
Dewatering a Diamond Mine
Mining in a Diamond Deposit
Water Wells Level Measurement
Groundwater Level Measurement
Automatic Flash Flood Warning
Dam Water Level Monitoring
Keeping Floods at Bay
Monitoring Territorial Waters


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