3300 Smart Solar Panels

Philipp Hofmann
04. abril 2023

The new KELLER production building Diamant will not only be optimised in terms of production. The construction is also sustainable and technically state-of-the-art. On the south façade of the building, 3300 movable solar panels will be installed, and will hang from a suitable façade mesh. Thanks to intelligent control, the modules will continuously face the sun. This increases the photovoltaic yield by around 30%.

A prototype of this system from Solskin has been hanging on Empa's NEST innovation building (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) for almost a year. As a non-enclosed façade envelope, the system is also used as a sun protector.

In addition to the south façade, the entire roof and the southern slope will be covered with solar panels. With these systems, KELLER will be able to use over 80% of the solar energy produced directly for its own needs in the future. An additional high-performance battery, which can store the energy requirements for 30 households, will further increase independence. The battery also serves as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). In the event of a power cut, the IT and various production systems are supported.

Visualisation new building Diamant KELLER Druckmesstechnik (Strut Architects)

We are proud to be pioneers of this solar project and look forward to following the development of our «Diamant».


Webcam Diamant


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