Apprenticeship in design

Erion Zogaj
03. May 2022

I completed the basic training (the first two years of my apprenticeship) at the AZW vocational education centre. Since 1 August 2021, I’ve been working at KELLER. When I transitioned from AZW to KELLER, at first I felt a bit intimidated by putting what I had learned into practice. However, I quickly noticed that all my colleagues were very helpful and open to questions. This created a pleasant working environment even though there were a lot of people joining and leaving the design department at that time. 

At the beginning, there was a company tour on which I got to know many of the employees. During the training programme, I had the chance to see other departments and try out jobs such as soldering and welding for myself. I gained an insight into what is expected when producing the designs and which details are important.

The great thing about working here is that I can ask the right person directly whenever I have questions, as production takes place in the same space so the various departments work together closely. I also like the transparency within the company, as some documents and projects from other departments are made available to be viewed or accessed. In combination with the horizontal hierarchical structure, this makes it easy to work together.

In the mechanical engineering department, apprentices mostly see to smaller orders such as design changes based on feedback from the production department or the in-house workshop. Creating designs for customers and the production department is also part of this. But I also had the opportunity to design something of my own from the initial idea up to the prototype. In the fourth year of the apprenticeship, I will move to the automation center department, where I will perform my individual practical work.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed the variety within the training and the informal working relationships at KELLER and I’m looking forward to the final year of my apprenticeship, which will start in late summer 2022.


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