Customer-specific vs. standard

David Bollinger
23. June 2020
How much variety is sensible?

First off, the question in the heading is of course rhetorical and it is not possible to answer it at this point. However, it is a question we come across time and again in day-to-day design work.

KELLER Pressure has a worldwide reputation for its customer focus and customer-specific solutions. These are the particular kind of challenges that we love to tackle – producing items that are not available off the shelf.

We are faced with these challenges every day right from the design phase at the very start of the development chain. We strive to keep the number of variants to a minimum and aim to work with standard designs as far as possible.

While the range of different options offered may be very valuable for our customers, it creates a huge amount of work for us internally. Each component requires a technical drawing, has to be logged in the ERP system, ordered, manufactured and delivered to the warehouse.

This is why KELLER is committed to using a standard transducer, available in various sizes and versions, which makes up the core of each transmitter. These can be encased in all kinds of different types of housing.

Those of us involved in the design process try to standardise the housing interfaces and geometries for attachments as much as possible. This means we can make sure that existing components can be used for as many applications as possible – even for designs that we have not come across yet and that customers will only be ordering from us in the future.

This enables us to provide for standardised production while also responding to individual customer wishes.


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