Intelligent Transmitters Department

Jacinta Vieira Brandão
10. March 2020

For the first four months of my internship, I’ve been working in the department where capacitive pressure transmitters are made. This department is based in the grey building. We are a team of ten women and three men; our room is full of plants and the vibe is chilled. The head of my department is Mauro Terlicher.

My job is varied, but my favourite thing to do is fuse soldering tags and solder flexible wires. I also need to check on my computer to see if the prints are okay and if they aren’t, I have to stick a red dot on them.

I feel very at home in my department and everyone is really kind. Whenever I need something or have to take on something new, I have a chat with Biljana Brkic. She is very good at explaining how to do things. Given the chance, I would love nothing more than to spend my whole life working in this department.


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