Let the summer holidays begin!

Karin Zenker
27. July 2020

The staff at KELLER have been hard at work writing weekly blog updates since January 2020. The topics explored in the blog posts have been as varied as the people who penned them: 

We have described typical day-to-day life at KELLER from the point of view of the youth project, highlighted technological achievements, looked at what it’s like to be an apprentice at KELLER Pressure, addressed the COVID-19 situation and much more besides. 

To keep our writing fresh and the topics interesting, we’re taking a summer holiday – a chance to switch off and recharge our batteries.

Once we have replenished our energy levels and reignited our creative spark, we will be back with renewed impetus to write about all the everyday matters and new things we have to deal with. 

Until then, we hope you all have the opportunity to relax and enjoy some summer sunshine.


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