ProgRes Department

Mimoza Sejdiji
18. March 2020

I work in the ProgRes Department on the ground floor (of the red building). I found it really easy to settle into my department. Our team is mostly made up of women from a range of different countries (Brazil, Vietnam, Germany, Albania and Italy). Most of those who work here are long-standing employees – the longest serving member of staff has been working at KELLER for an impressive 23 years. When I get up in the morning every day, I look forward to coming in to work to see my colleagues again as I get along really well with them all, we have a blast together and they inspire me to tackle my work head on with a motivated attitude.

Every morning, if I get to work early enough, I take my cup of tea or coffee to my workstation and put on my ESD (electrostatic discharge) shoes. I then take a look at what work my head of department or colleagues have set up for me and make a start on cleaning and packing the cables and transmitters. From time to time, I have to crimp the casing to shed it. Once I’ve done all my work, I always have it checked over by a colleague or my head of department or, if I have nothing else to do, I fill up the casings on the shelf.


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