Sport as a Balance

Matilda Olluri
02. May 2023

The KELLER youth project is more than working in the different departments. Two days of the week, we are taught German, mathematics, electronics, pressure measurement technology, sensor technology, and general education. Sports are also an integral part of our internship, and they can get pretty strenuous…

Once a week, we do 45 minutes of sports on Tuesday afternoons from 16:15 to 17:00 at the Deutweg sports facility, which is only a five minute walk from KELLER. Our two sports teachers are Patricia and Nox. They alternate teaching two weeks of sports each, meaning on two Tuesdays Nox teaches and on the following two, Patricia.

Patricia and Nox in the Deutweg sports hall

We must be on time for the lessons! Sportswear, a towel, and a water bottle must always be with you. Whoever forgets these things during Nox's sports lessons will have to do ten burpees as a lesson. These must be performed quickly and correctly, otherwise we will have to start all over again. With Nox, we work on our strength and condition. For this we listen to music. When we train, we feel like we are in military. Nox is our General. Sore muscles thex next day are guaranteed.

With Patricia, the training is also exhausting. Her cheerfulness and good mood motivates us to continue. She is always very well prepared and organized. We do the strength training on mats, including abdominal and back or leg exercises.

Physical education helps us to be patient, motivated, and persistent. Not giving up is an important part of the training. Since we sit a lot at work, the sport and exercise is a good balance.

Written in a team by Kamolkan Hankla, Omar Nocello, Matilda Olluri and Mario Schröder.

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