Team of the hour at the Alba-Cup

Mauricio Dillier
05. March 2024

In the world of football, there are instances which make fans' hearts beat faster. The Alba Cup was one such occasion. The team of the moment and protagonist of this football story: KELLER.

The Zurich Cantonal Police, Winterthur City Police, Thurgau Cantonal Police, Brühlgut Foundation, Winterthur City Council, Kistler and KELLER once again put their footballing skills to the test at the annual company indoor tournament.

«To be or not to be» reflects the tension surrounding the grand rematch. KELLER enters the pitch with a clear goal in mind: to claim victory. «Win or lose» – there are no grey areas, just the pure intensity of the competition.

KELLER's players showed not only technical finesse, but also unwavering determination. Every pass, every shot is equivalent to a chess move in this great spectacle.


The protagonists

Tobias Keller «El Tigre» – or Manuel Neuer after all?
The ferocious way in which he defended his position was reminiscent of the grace and strength of a tiger. His unwavering focus and determination to deflect even the most difficult shots made him a true hero in goal. «El Tigre» was not just a goalkeeper, but a hunter in the penalty area, always ready to defeat any challenger.

Esrom «El Maestro»    
This  outstanding key player not only impressed the coach with his smooth ball control, but also thrilled the spectators with his filigree style of play. El Maestro's outstanding performance on the pitch not only reflected his individual class, but also his tactical understanding and ability to shape the game. A true artist on the ball. Who knows, maybe we will see him on television soon!

Arda «El Loco» 
An energetic, dribbling whirlwind who caused unrest in the opponents ranks and ensured they did not rest for a second. His impressive dribbling repeatedly broke through the defensive lines, causing the defenders to rush and he regularly tested the opposing goalkeeper.

Bruno «El Toro»
Bruno, the classic midfielder, acted like a powerful bull in his position. His physical assertiveness and determined forays forward made him an insurmountable obstacle for opponents. Simultaneously, he surprised with his agile and supple style of play, comparable to the movements of a ballerina. Bruno combined powerful defence with elegant technique and forward movement.

Albin «La Pantera»
Albin not only kept an eye on the defence, but also used every opportunity to strengthen the offence with powerful runs and quick dribbles. His style of play resembled that of a Panther, who not only created chances with quick movements and skillful ball control, but also looked for the shot.

Kevin «The youngster»
At 16, the youngest member of the team, Kevin not only turned out to be a strong defender, but also surprised everyone with his outstanding technical skills and overview of the game. Despite his defensive position, he was able to impress this select group with some marvelous goals, as his father once did at FC Winterthur.

Nicholas «El Gaucho»
Nicholas had just returned from holiday in Argentina and seemed to have literally inhaled Messi. He showed impressive form on the pitch, scoring goal after goal.

Jeremy «El Leon»
Strong as a lion and well-balanced, Jeremy showed a straightforward and controlled performance. His presence on the pitch was reflected in a scoring moment when he scored the decisive first goal for the KELLER team.

Mauri «El Coach»
With an aura comparable to that of Carlos Ancelotti, Mauri overcame the odds of conquering first place for KELLER. Thanks to his many years of football expertise and experience, he chose the optimal tactics and the right players for the tournament. With precise changes at the right time and individual instructions to the players, he skillfully directed the team from the sidelines and kept control of the game. Only once in the final did he became slightly nervous when Kistler briefly took the lead for a second time, but quickly regained his composure knowing his players abilities. One look from the sidelines was enough for them, and Kistler was quickly overrun by their moves again.

Perception of a player in the KELLER team

The first game

The first match in this year's Cup for KELLER was a real rollercoaster of emotions against the defending champions, the Zurich Cantonal Police. The police took an early 2:0 lead and it looked like history might repeat itself from the previous year. The KELLER team first had to find their way around the pitch with just four outfield players to keep their supposedly strong opponents at bay. Over time, however, the team stabilised and got more and more into the game. The first counterattacks became dangerous and finally Jeremy managed to score the important follow-up goal with a precise shot into the right-hand corner. The switch to the second block reinforced the impression that KELLER was particularly strong this year. This proved to be a match for KELLER and resulted in an impressive 2:4 victory.

Maintaining pressure

The KELLER team put in an impressive performance in the following games and harmonised on the pitch as if they had been playing as a well-rehearsed, homogeneous group for years. The boys scored one victory after another and fought their way through to the final. My only task as «El Coach» was to keep fueling the team's fire by making clever substitutions, like adding briquettes.

The thrilling pressure measurement technology derby against a strong Kistler team was particularly noteworthy, with KELLER winning confidently 3:0. After this important victory, KELLER went to the dressing room for a well-earned siesta. The players had obviously formed a close-knit team on the pitch, and also off it. With such impressive performances and a well-coordinated team, the final should be a promising highlight.

The final

The opponent in the final was, as if it could not have been otherwise, Kistler. You could already hear the excited whispers of the spectators in the stands: «Oooh, cool! Super final, the derby.» Now we could not let anyone take the icing off our cake after such a great tournament. The game began with an early setback for KELLER when Kistler took a 0:1 lead. But KELLER showed their fighting spirit and equalised, giving rise to hope. However, the mood shifted again when Kistler scored another goal to make it 1:2 with just seven minutes remaining. The thought of a possible defeat in the final after dominating the tournament would have been a disaster. In a real show of strength, the team managed to turn the game around. With impressive teamwork, KELLER prevailed, triumphing with an impressive 6:3 victory and thus securing the well-deserved trophy.

A big thank you to the Winterthur City Police for organising this great tournament every year and to all the participating teams. It was a pleasure to be able to take part in this friendly but hard-fought tournament. The fact that we can take the trophy home with us, or rather back to the company, is of course all the better. We are already looking forward to next year!


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