The internship year at a glance

Alina-Ionela Postolache
14. July 2020

We made a good start to the first week. We did a soldering course, which taught us a lot and prepared us for the departments. Everyone in the different departments was really friendly and happy to help. The staff were always on hand to help us if we were ever stuck with the work.

We settled into the departments well and in no time at all. There are employees here with a variety of different nationalities and we always got on well and had fun with everyone – they inspired us to go about our work in a spirit of readiness and motivation.

Mr Dillier is not only our manager, but also a great advisor, who helps us when we experience difficulties, discusses the situation with us and sometimes also gives us criticism, but this also helps you to improve in life.

Every Tuesday, we had a lesson with Ms Huser, who taught us Maths, German and General Knowledge. After that, we still had an hour of sport with Nox. This lesson required a lot of endurance from us, as we were training with weights. Thursday morning was spent playing volleyball with Mr Dillier. We also attended yoga lessons where we were able to do some good stretching. In the afternoons, we had electronics with Hans Widler. Here, we got to know the devices that we build/use in our departments that bit better.

We were not just at work or school. We also went on trips to the forest and also did a cycle tour once. At the end of the year, there is always a Christmas meal where everyone from the company gets together – it is a really lovely celebration.

It was a good year and we learnt a lot. Through contact with the adults who work here, our way of thinking has also changed for the better.

We are extremely thankful for the great support we have received and hope that future apprentices are also able to experience this.


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