Thursdays at school

Guilherme Vieira
04. June 2020

We have yoga with Corinne Baumann from 10.30 to 11.30 a.m. every Thursday.

Before we enter the yoga room, we take our shoes off and leave them outside the room. We set up our places with the blanket, cushion, a belt and a box. We talk a little and then start the meditation in the Padmasana position (lotus position). We then continue with a series of poses, such as Trikonasana, Chaturanga, Adho Mukha Svanasana and Goasana.  

Towards the end of the lesson, we lie on the floor with our eyes closed for ten minutes and meditate. Corinne puts on a calming song and comes to us all to massage our shoulders with oil. At the end, she asks us how we are and we say goodbye with «Namaste», which means «I bow to you».

I like yoga because it benefits our health, concentration, posture, muscles and flexibility.

Thursday afternoon

Every Thursday after lunch, we have an electronics course with Hans Widler at 1 p.m. In this lesson, we do experiments and we program. We are currently learning about electrical energy, such as what a URI system (voltage, resistance and current) is, and how to measure with the multimeter (shows energy and resistance).

In one experiment, we rubbed a box with a piece of cloth to generate electricity. Using Scratch (programming language) and Raspberry (single-board computer), we programmed traffic lights and a dice system.

At 4 p.m., the lesson is over and we stay with Mr Dillier until 5 p.m. In this lesson, we sit in a circle and talk about our problems and concerns and what is happening in everyday life. We often also discuss how to make headway at work and what we are not doing so well at. We set ourselves goals for the apprenticeship search.



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