High-Performance Measurement Technology in the Water Industry

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12. December 2018

Ensuring good water quality, monitoring and regulating water levels, checking pressure conditions in water pipelines, and measuring the fill levels in tanks – measurement technology plays a major role in the water industry. With its extensive expertise and many years of experience, KELLER Pressure is able to offer a wide range of pressure sensors for water-industry applications.

Nothing runs without water! After all, water isn’t just one of the great elements; it’s also vital for our survival. Water is both a foodstuff and a necessary part of the process for growing food and maintaining livestock. Water also keeps industry moving as a coolant, a means of transport and a component of power generation processes. In other words, without water, our economy would come to a virtual standstill.

Water should therefore be viewed as essential and irreplaceable. Water is not available in unlimited supply, which is why we are all obligated to use it efficiently and carefully – and not just because of economic interests. Reliable and accurate measurement technology is extremely important here, and KELLER Pressure has been doing its part by ensuring reliable pressure measurement in the water industry for more than 45 years now. This is accomplished by the use of level sensors, data loggers , remote transmitters and display units that monitor water supply systems, sewage systems, groundwater levels and surface water. This brochure offers an in-depth look at cost-effective solutions for water applications that are based on the extensive H2O expertise at KELLER and the knowledge accumulated by customers over many years.

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