KELLER 10LHP – OEM High-Pressure Transducer With Maximum Long-Term Stability

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16. January 2024

The 10LHP, along with the corresponding low-pressure variant 10L, is the flagship among the OEM pressure transducers in the KELLER product portfolio and exemplifies the highest standards that KELLER has to offer.

The KELLER 10L and 10LHP series are available in identical dimensions and together cover pressure ranges from 0,1 to 1000 bar. Both series are principal products in the KELLER OEM portfolio and offer an optimum solution for demanding applications.

Thanks to optimally matched, high-quality materials, the 10LHP achieves maximum accuracy and excellent long-term stability. The compact, robust design offers a long service life and the highest product quality.

At KELLER, every pressure transducer is measured over the entire pressure and temperature range and supplied with detailed calibration data via the company's own myCalibration data platform.

The OEM pressure transducer 10LHP from KELLER stands for the highest quality, precision, and durability.

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