KELLER 23SX-H2 / 33X-Ei-H2 — High-Precision Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitters for Hydrogen Applications

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20. February 2024

The KELLER pressure transmitter 23SX-H2 and the intrinsically safe ATEX-version 33X-Ei-H2 are based on technology from the well-known KELLER 33X series and offer the highest levels of accuracy.

The 23SX-H2 and 33X-Ei-H2 high-precision pressure transmitters complete the KELLER hydrogen range. Parts that come into contact with media are designed following the requirements for hydrogen products. For example, the high nickel content in the stainless steel gives the pressure transmitters a lower embrittlement rate, extending the service life. In addition, the gold-plated diaphragm reduces the diffusion of hydrogen to a minimum. The fully welded design and the metallically sealed pressure connection ensure that no elastomers come into contact with the measuring medium and, as a result, hydrogen leaks can be minimised.

Temperature dependence and non-linearity are precisely compensated for by means of a mathematical model in the microcontroller. In addition to the digital RS485 interface, the measurement results can also be output as a scaleable analog signal. The products in the 23SX-H2 series offer a reliable solution with a long service life and high levels of accuracy and safety to provide everything that hydrogen requires.

The KELLER pressure transmitters 23SX-H2 and 33X-Ei-H2 are used in a wide range of fields, including hydrogen generation and production, in transportation, in the monitoring of hydrogen refuelling stations and in the containment and storage of hydrogen.

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