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02. April 2020

All departments of KELLER are fully operational and are able to continue production. How is that possible?

  • KELLER AG employees are instructed to follow the rules set by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.
  • KELLER has implemented all possible measures for the protection of its employees.
  • KELLER carries a comprehensive range of key components on stock.
  • KELLER practices second source policy, having an alternative supplier at hand for all parts and materials.
  • The entire production line is located at Winterthur, Switzerland.

Early initiation of orders

KELLER AG recommends to order as soon as possible. To ensure a timely handling of existing framework contracts, customers are also asked to call off deliveries early and place new framework contracts as soon as possible.

KELLER products aid in overcoming the corona crisis

KELLER is manufacturing a variety of products that are used to tackle the current crisis. These positions are put into the batch of urgent orders automatically. Some recent examples:

  • Series 9L or Series 23SY for use in respirators.
  • LEO2 for surveillance of medical gases.
  • Series 41X for function checks of ventilator accessories.
  • Series 21Y for condition monitoring of oxygen bottles and other medical gases.
  • Non-encapsulated, oil and grease free sensors for oxygen applications.
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