KELLER «KOLIBRI» Software Is Now Called «PressureSuite»

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01. July 2024

Due to a trademark conflict, KELLER Pressure may no longer use the software name «KOLIBRI» as of January 2025. Because change always offers a new opportunity, KELLER is seizing the moment to align the new software name «PressureSuite» even more explicitly with the product.

From 1 July 2024, the KELLER «PressureSuite» will establish a clear link to the functionality of the software and the digital KELLER pressure sensors. «PressureSuite» is the central user interface and combines a range of different functions, such as configuring and checking the pressure sensor data, reading out, organising and exporting the analysed data as well as its graphical processing.

«PressureSuite Cloud» and «PressureSuite Desktop» are available starting today. The mobile version «PressureSuite Mobile» will be released again in a revised version at a later stage.

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