KELLER LEO3 — Digital Pressure Gauge With Scalable Analogue Output

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25. June 2024

In addition to showing pressure value output via the display, the KELLER LEO3 digital pressure gauge series also offers the additional function of reading analogue output signal via the RS485 interface. The KELLER software required for this is available free of licence costs. The RS485 interface can also be used to scale the analogue output and enables simple integration into the existing BUS system. Additional pressure units can be selected or customised via the KELLER software and/or the display keys.  The zero-point adjustment and the minimum or maximum output value, since the last reset, can also be easily set using the keys. The device is powered directly via the 4...20 mA circuit.

The KELLER LEO3 pressure gauge is typically used in pumping applications, in fluid technology or for pressure testing.

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