KELLER PD-23X — High-Precision Differential Pressure Transmitters

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28. May 2024

The KELLER PD-23X differential pressure transmitters series are specially designed for «wet-wet» applications. They use a single silicon diaphragm internally, which is pressurised on both sides to measure the pressure difference directly. This design enables the accurate measurement of small pressure differences even at high line-pressure.

Thanks to the digitally compensated electronics and a mathematical model, the differential pressure transmitters achieve a high accuracy of 0.1 %FS.

The PD-23X differential pressure transmitter can be operated with an analogue interface in addition to the RS485 interface. The RS485, 4...20 mA and 0...10 V interfaces offer a wide range of options for integration into existing systems. This allows the measured values to be transmitted and processed easily and efficiently.

The KELLER PD-23X differential pressure transmitter is typically used in industrial applications such as filter monitoring and flow rate measurement.

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