Piezoresistive Pressure Measurement Technology

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01. January 2019

Piezoresistive technology is often mentioned in the same breath as pressure measurement. But what exactly is the piezoresistive effect? And why is this technology used in pressure measurement?  

Along with temperature, pressure is an essential para­meter in many technical systems. In addition, a wide ­variety of industrial processes require precisely controlled pressure conditions. This is why, besides temperature measurement, pressure measurement is the most important and most frequently used technology for monitoring and controlling machines and plants. Additionally, atmospheric air pressure is an important environmental variable and, by measuring the gravitational pressure of the liquid column, for example, groundwater or fill levels can be determined.

Electronic pressure measurement requires a sensor that receives the pressure to be measured and converts it into an electrical signal. Resistive pressure measurement ­centres around an electrical resistance whose ­r­esistance value changes as a function of the pressure to be ­measured.

Further information can be found in the technical article, which can be downloaded below.

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