KELLER Meettechniek B.V. is appointed by KELLER to take care off  sales, advice and support for all KELLER products for the Benelux countries. KELLER has the most comprehensive program of pressure and level sensors. KELLER Meettechniek B.V. started in 1997. Since then, the company has experienced rapid growth and has become a very prominent participant in the Dutch measuring and control technology market. Our products are based on capacitive or piezoresistive measuring cells. KELLER Meettechniek B.V. is inventing and the world's largest manufacturer of piezoresistive OEM pressure sensors.

Exhibition / event
Aqua Nederland
City: Gorinchem (NL)
Date: 19. - 21. mars 2024
Details: Booth I116

Reliable solution for inhalation and exhalation found

The subsidiary in the Netherlands has been working together with the company «Stoof Technische Deinstverlening» on the intelligent monitoring of breathing air devices. The «Stoof» customer «All Safety» rents out breathing air devices which are used for the inspection of closed rooms (e.g. tanks). The breathing air comes from two cylinders with 300 bar compressed air, which are located in a «cylinder trolley». The digital pressure sensor 23SX measures the pressure of the cylinders. Every 15 minutes the data is transferred to the KOLIBRI cloud via the LoRa network. This data can be viewed at any time and from anywhere. This makes it easy to plan the refilling of the bottle trolley and no constant on-site checking of the pressure is necessary. This not only saves time and travel, but also provides more security. KELLER's knowledge and experience in this field has made it possible.

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