Series 10L

  • Pressure Ranges
  • Accuracy
  • Long Term Stability
  • Dimensions
  • Temperature Range
  • Material
  • 0…0,1 to 0…200 bar
  • ± 0,25 %FS
  • ± 0,15 %FS
  • ⌀ 19 mm x 15 mm
  • -40…125 °C
  • Steel 1.4435, Hastelloy C-276, Inconel 718
Product Description

The pressure transducers of the 10L series have a robust housing made of stainless steel, giving them optimum long-term stability for a range of OEM applications. The metal diaphragm is welded on front-flush and gap-free, separating off the piezoresistive  pressure sensor, which is made of silicon, from the measuring medium. Every pressure transducer is measured over the entire pressure and temperature profile and is supplied with a detailed calibration sheet.

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