Series 22DT

  • Pressure Ranges
  • Total Error Band
  • Interfaces
  • Special Characteristics
  • Homologation
  • 0…14 bar
  • ±2,0 %FS @ 0…90 °C
  • 0,5…4,5 V ratiom.
  • With temperature sensor
  • E4-110R, E4-10R
Product Description

The 22DT series has been specially developed for use in bivalent vehicles (volume flow measurement when running on natural gas) and is homologated for the automotive industry. However, it also has other industrial applications. The NTC or PT temperature sensor located directly beneath the steel diaphragm reacts more quickly to temperature changes thanks to its special design. The pressure transmitters are protected against electromagnetic fields up to 200 V/m and output the measured values as a ratiometric 0,5...4,5V analog signal. The connections of the temperature sensor are fed out directly.

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