Series PRD-33X

  • Pressure Ranges
  • Accuracy
  • Total Error Band
  • Line Pressure
  • Interfaces
  • Special Characteristics
  • 0…0,35 to 0…3 bar
  • ± 0,1 %FS
  • ± 0,3 %FS @ -30…60 °C
  • 0…40 bar
  • RS485
  • Line pressure measurement
Product Description

The differential pressure transmitters of the PRD-33X series are designed for accurate measurements in low pressure ranges with very high overload on both sides. In addition to the differential pressure sensor, which may only be exposed to gases at its rear face, the devices have an additional absolute pressure sensor that measures the line pressure. Both measured values are output via the digital RS485 interface and are the ideal basis for cryogenic tank monitoring.

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