Series 9LD-Ei

  • Pressure Ranges
  • Accuracy
  • Total Error Band
  • Interfaces
  • Temperature Range
  • Dimensions
  • 0…1 to 0…200 bar
  • ± 0,15 %FS
  • ± 0,7 %FS @ -10…80 °C
  • I2C
  • -40…110 °C
  • ⌀ 19 mm x 5 mm
Product Description

The pressure transmitters of the 9LD-Ei series use the chip-in-oil technology developed by KELLER, uniting a pressure measuring cell, digital temperature compensation and signal processing in a compact housing made of stainless steel or Hastelloy. The transmitters are extremely resistant to environmental influences and delivery highly accurate measurement results as a digital output signal. The I2C interface and the low supply voltages make it easy to integrate in microcontroller-based systems. The extremely low power consumption is ideal for battery-operated devices. The D line is perfect for IoT solutions.

Intrinsically safe – suitable for use in explosive atmospheres.

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Software and Accessories
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