Product Description

myCalibration is a free data platform that has been specially developed for the provision and transmission of sensor calibration data. The data is available at any time, automated and in a standardised digital format. The chosen file format JSON allows an easy and quick integration into the user’s own database. Access is either via a common web browser for web viewing or the customer can connect the sensor data directly to their own customer software via the API.

Several code examples and FAQ for system integration are available on the documentation page

Customer-specific access data ensures secure access to authorised data both when accessing via the web application and via the web API. In addition, the user can prepare the data according to their wishes by means of various filters and search functions and export it either as a single or mass export.


KELLER myCalibration Web App
User: Demo1234, Password: Demo1234



myCalibration – The Direct Route to KELLER Calibration Data                    

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