DigTran Department

Ionela Postolache
25. March 2020

I work on the second floor of the red building in the Digital Transmitters (DigTran) Department.

I do various tasks in my department and feel very at home here. My supervisor is called Cetintas Gülay – she offers me support when I need help and is always on hand to answer my questions. I have my own bench where I do all my jobs, such as soldering prepared electronic prints to sensors, carrying out functional tests, soldering flexible wires to plugs and packing things up. We have a storeroom which contains all the production material we need and, every Friday, we have to stock it up for the entire department.

Once I’ve worked my way through all my tasks, I have various other things to be getting on with. My approach to working is organised and focused so that I don’t make any mistakes. Every time I add another string to my bow, I write down what I need to do and the steps I need to take in my notepad.

I have a lot of fun with my supervisor, but when it’s time to work, we keep our eye firmly on the ball so we don’t make any mistakes. There are lots of people in our department from a whole host of countries (Portugal, Kosovo, Turkey, Chile, Italy, Cameroon, Switzerland, Iraq and Brazil) and everyone is really friendly.

I come to work motivated and with tonnes of energy and am glad I’m part of this department!


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