FC Winterthur is first class again

Michael Keller
07. June 2022

FCW achieved promotion to the highest division of Swiss football for the first time in 37 years, a historic event for the city of Winterthur and the football club. The final decision was pure drama and definitely not for the faint hearted, it literally fell during the last minutes of the last match of the season. Afterwards, around 10’000 overjoyed fans celebrated this moment extensively in the old town of Winterthur until the early hours of the morning. I still cannot put my emotions into words. I am so proud of the whole FCW team, on and off the pitch, who made this success possible with their great performance and their heart and soul.

KELLER has laid important foundations for the success of FCW. More than 20 years ago FCW was at the brink of bankruptcy, at this moment our company founder, Hannes W. Keller, made the decision to make KELLER the main sponsor and owner of FCW. KELLER has made a significant financial and personnel contribution to its operation every year, ensuring important stability and sustainable development of the organisation.

Our engagement with FCW has several reasons and motivations
  • Social responsibility: As a company we support ideas, projects and organisations that make a valuable contribution to our society in the city and region.
  • Diversity: Football connects people from all walks of life and provides thousands of people with exciting moments of joyful togetherness every week.
  • Youth work: Football creates a meaningful purpose in life and motivates hundreds of young people, they learn to live the team spirit. The FCW junior team is considered as important talent pool in Swiss football and for the national team.
  • Jobs: FCW is the employer of about 80 employees, many working part-time as youth coaches. 
  • Gratitude: KELLER is grateful for the good framework conditions we experience here in the city of Winterthur which have been extremely important for the sustainable growth of the company over the past 48 years. Our support of FCW is our way of giving something back to the city and society.
  • City marketing: By having the club and the city prominently represented in all media, we carry the name Winterthur throughout Switzerland and beyond.
  • Employer attractiveness: KELLER employees are proud that the name KELLER and the seagull feature prominently on the FCW shirt and some regularly attend the games. In this way, we increase the perception of KELLER as an employer in the region.
With the jump to Super League, the club faces major infrastructural, organisational and financial challenges. Until the start of the season, the middle of July, the entire FCW organisation will be stretched to the limit. However, we are convinced that we are all prepared for the new adventure and will be able to continue to offer memorable games at the Schützenwiese, the home stadium of FC Winterthur. As we say in the crowd… HOPP FCW!

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