Free haircuts at KELLER?

Reto Hofstetter
30. June 2020

In the last KELLER #stayathome video, Stuart McLean of KELLER UK demonstrates his cooking skills and describes the situation in the United Kingdom. In the UK the hairdresser's are still closed due to lockdown rules, this made him come up with an extraordinary idea. At over 100 likes, he shaves his new summer hairstyle, a mohawk, himself.

The offer is well received and the goal is quickly achieved.

But is Stuart really willing to keep his promise and lose his hair? What does the surface of a pressure transmitter have in common with the inside of Stuart? Why does KELLER now also offer free haircuts and why do we strongly advise against making use of this offer?

Stuart’s second video contribution answers all these questions. Enjoy!

Press 'C' for subtitles.


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