KELLER #stayathome

Reto Hofstetter
09. April 2020

All KELLER departments are fully operational. In the news article KELLER is up and running we explain, how that’s possible.

However, a small part of the workforce must work from home, which is not always an easy task, particularly for employees of production departments. In addition to skill and experience, their demanding work often requires specialised equipment, which cannot be shipped home.

Diversity cultivates ideas

Behind the diverse and sophisticated KELLER products are equally diverse and talented personalities. The current situation makes it possible for you to get to know the people within KELLER from a different perspective. We call this KELLER #stayathome.

The original character

The procedure is simple. We contact our (production) employees in their home offices and ask them to tell us a little about themselves and their everyday work via video message. In order not to distort the original character, we simply add some photos and subtitles to the original recordings.

We would like to thank everyone who participates in KELLER #stayathome! As soon as more videos are available, they will be added to this post. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback as a LinkedIn comment or via email.

Enjoy the first post!

With a new home-office video from our construction department, KELLER #stayathome enters its second round.

Above it says, weighty equipment cannot be shipped home. As the third article shows, this is only partially correct.

Our fourth and final KELLER #stayathome video shows what a pressure transmitter and a cooking recipe have in common. In addition, you learn what Stuart is obliged to do if the video gets more than 100 likes. Thank you for helping to achieve this good-looking milestone!

Press 'C' for subtitles.


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