KELLER has reinvented the wheel

Manuel Boller-Berger
11. November 2020

The core of all KELLER products is the pressure transducer. This consists of various individual parts that exert different influences on each other based on the way they are put together:

• Measuring cell: consists of a pressure chip and glass feedthrough
• Pressure transducer: consists of a measuring cell, housing, ceramic filling material, oil filling and diaphragms

Other critical influential factors include production processes such as welding, bonding or oil filling. Each of these components plays an important part in the performance and reliability of the pressure transducer. If a process or a component deviates only even slightly from the usual procedure or tolerance, this may lead to an unexpected effect or a reduction in quality elsewhere. 

To guarantee and sustain the superior quality of the pressure transducer, KELLER took the decision a few years ago to «reinvent the wheel».

No stone was left unturned and the transducer was broken down into its individual parts and processes. The various influences amongst these individual elements and on the the measuring system as a whole were analysed. The aim of this lengthy process of basic research is to achieve the best possible performance from each individual component when it interacts with the production processes and to gain knowledge. The measurement data collected over the years has been scientifically evaluated and the results have led to many new findings. The effectiveness of basic principles and processes that have been in use for decades has been confirmed too: knowledge comes from experience.

This knowledge is built into all KELLER products at their latest stage of development on a daily basis, starting with OEM products such as pressure transducers, pressure transducers with electronics and pressure transducers with threaded heads or without electronics, right through to completed pressure transmitters

This means KELLER is in a position to consistently offer all configuration levels on the market at the highest quality standards.


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