KELLER’s standard product range with an accuracy level of 0,1 %FS

Daniel Hofer
06. June 2023

KELLER is synonymous with the highest levels of accuracy and precision, something that our flagship products make clear. An accuracy class of 0,05 %FS has made KELLER pressure transmitters, level probes and gauges dependable reference devices that have now become a firm fixture in laboratories as well. We also offer a precision level of 0,01 %FS as an option for our 33X series pressure transmitters and LEX1 gauges.

At the other end of KELLER’s accuracy scale are its 21Y, 21C and 23SY series industrial pressure transmitters. These fully welded, robust pressure transmitters boast total error bands within a 1 % range.

The 23SY and 33X series have been the most comparable up until now. Besides their accuracy and total error band, these two pressure transmitter series differ in terms of two features:

  • Design
  • Scaleability of the analogue output

There used to be a gap in the KELLER portfolio in this regard, which the 23SX series has been developed in order to close. The new series combines the impressive features of the 23SY and 33X series: a compact, fully welded design and highly accurate, scaleable digital compensation electronics. And its performance is clear to see. Something that many pressure transmitter manufacturers offer only as an optional extra comes as standard with KELLER’s 23SX series: an accuracy level @RT of 0,1 %FS.

A narrow error band of 0,25 %FS is guaranteed, even across a wide temperature range of -10…80 °C. Higher levels of accuracy are possible too if required. An analogue interface can be configured, either at 4…20 mA or 0…10 V, in addition to the RS485 digital interface.

Also available is the 23SXc series with CANopen interface, a purely digital solution.

The same “portfolio” approach has also led to the accuracy gap amongst KELLER’s level probes being closed, with the 26X series introduced in between its 26Y and 36XW counterparts.

The 26X series likewise boasts an accuracy level of 0,1 %FS and a total error band of 0,25 %FS and combines the RS485 digital interface with a 4…20 mA output, which can also be equipped with lightning protection.

An SDI-12 interface has been added to the 26Xi series to round out the range of level probes.

The accuracy gap in KELLER’s portfolio has thus been closed by the following series offering an accuracy class of 0,1 %FS:

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