Small but impressive

Marcel Gautschi
01. February 2022

A project for a customer in Sweden a while ago presented KELLER with a major challenge. We were tasked with developing a gauge that was as small as possible complete with a battery compartment and a button for operating the device.


The product

Initially we thought that this would be impossible, but, by persevering and coming up with some creative design ideas, we ultimately succeeded. It has a diameter of only 25 mm and is 20 mm high, which makes it not much larger than a 1 euro coin. The gauge is screwed into the application via the pressure connection using a thread. 

It can measure pressures up to 250 bar with a high degree of accuracy and show them on the display, which is large in relation to the size of the device. A small button cell battery provides the power supply for the electronics behind the LCD display. The battery is located in a drawer integrated into the housing and can therefore easily be replaced. As the electronics use little power, the battery can last for more than a year while the device carries out constant measurements and displays the pressure.

This small gauge, which we developed for use in air rifles, shows the user the fill level of the compressed air cylinder, the remaining number of shots and the number of shots already fired. By checking the pressure when firing, the shooter can hit the target with an extremely high degree of accuracy.


Future projects

We are certain that the compact design of the gauge and the software functions (KELLER can adapt the software at any time to fit the application) will make it attractive for a wide range of other uses. We are therefore keen to see what benefits the future holds for the smallest of all of KELLER’s gauges.


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