The Möwe Crèche

Karin Zenker
06. July 2021

KELLER is known worldwide for its high-quality pressure measurement technology. However, it is less well known for its equally high-quality in-house crèche. And that has been the case for almost 20 years.

A former KELLER employee originally approached the founder of KELLER Pressure, Hannes W. Keller, and suggested the founding of an in-house crèche. At a time when many «company crèches» were closing and deemed non-profitable, Hannes W. Keller went against the grain and decided to take the suggestion up, both to support his employees and to show the world that it’s possible to achieve something if you want it enough. It also worked out cheaper for the company to wait the three months while new mothers were absent from work rather than train new employees. A space was made available and Maria Patteri, the current crèche manager, was hired. 

At present the crèche can cater for 22 children. The children are divided into two mixed-age groups (Dwarves and Elves, with babies up to 18 months counting for 1,5 places as they require more attention). Priority is given to KELLER employees, but external children are also more than welcome. The KELLER crèche has been offering subsidised places since September 2020, an option which has been enthusiastically received and taken advantage of. 

The Möwe Crèche introduced its new website in spring 2021, which is alive with enchanting animations. The website is intended to reflect the values most important to the Möwe Crèche: colourful and amicable activity and a younger generation seeking fun, play and adventure in a familiar environment. The crèche is a place where children from all cultures, social backgrounds and religions are welcome and where tolerance and respect are upheld. Encouraging and developing each and every child is extremely important.

Come and visit us at and be inspired by the magical world of the dwarves and elves.


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